We, at Stitch n Fit, value our customers and this is the reason why we are very clear about our policies. These policies have been designed in the best interest of the customers/clients.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Stitch n Fit offers free pickup and delivery for all types of stitching and alteration services without any limitation of minimum order. Please note that this policy is subject to change without prior notice.

Issues with Size & Design

Our expert tailors ensure that the tailoring job is done perfectly as per the design and size provided by the customers. In case of any dispute in size or design, if the fault is from our end, we will compensate you and sew the dress for free. If the issue is from the customer’s end, no compensation will be provided whatsoever.

Delivery Time

Stitch n Fit offers swift response and the quickest delivery time of just 3 working days for all normal wear suits. For wedding dresses, the delivery time may vary according to the nature of the job. Our team of experienced tailors has the speed and accuracy to complete the job within the prescribed time.

No Cancellations

We are a group of workaholics who believe that our work is our driving force. This drive to work makes us accept all the orders. We don’t cancel any order after acceptance. Once we pick up a challenge, we give our heart and soul to it.